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A Rise in U.S Bond Yields
October 5, 2018

By Deepta BolakyIs rising bond yields bad news for the equity markets? Bond yields are an important indicator to gauge the direction of equities. They have an inverse relationship which explains why the stocks markets were in a sea of red when...

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Apple—Can It Survive In Next Decade?
September 26, 2018

Apple is the first company on this planet to reach a $1 Trillion Market value, each year continuing to release brand new innovative products including the latest iPhone to hit shelves. There is no doubt that Apple is the technology king of this gener...

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Amazon Joins the Trillion Club
September 6, 2018

Just over a month ago Apple became the first company to reach $1 trillion market cap after its shares closed at $207 per share. Now Amazon has become the second company to hit the historic milestone after its share price rose to $2,050 per share. ...

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Warning Signs Of An Economic Storm Front
August 18, 2018

In Economics, the difference between 10 Year and 2 Year Bond Yields is one of the leading indicators that help investors to observe any significant changes in the economy. Let's break things down a little further.Firstly, common sense dictates th...

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Are the bond markets overwhelming or intimidating?
August 7, 2018

By ​Deepta BolakyThe intermarket relationships between commodities, currency, equity and bond markets are key in understanding the way the markets interact and move. Some markets will move with each other while others will move against each oth...

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Bullish Technical Reversal Trend
July 31, 2018

By ​Deepta Bolaky“Buy the Dips” and “Sell the Rallies” are widely followed strategies by new or experienced traders.  Buy-the-dip strategy is becoming increasingly popular based on the theory of market fluctuations. It takes into consi...

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World’s Largest Stock Exchanges
July 30, 2018

Almost every country in the world has a stock exchange with some countries having multiple exchanges. There are over 60 major exchanges across the globe with the total market cap of over $85 trillion. But only 18 of those are in the so-called ''$1 tr...

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Monitoring Volatility and Spotting Trading Opportunities
July 25, 2018

US Markets With relatively sound fundamentals driven by strong earnings growth so far in this earning season, US equity markets have continued their bullish trend. The S&P500 bounced back strong from its 100-day moving average in early July, and...

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Dollar Index Treading on Familiar Ground
July 19, 2018

If you’re familiar with the US dollar Index, you might have noticed it has moved in a repetitive pattern for the past few years.You need to treat every six months as a cycle, at the end of this cycle (June, December), the Fed will generally rai...

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Opportunities in the Third Quarter – Equity and Currency Markets
July 18, 2018

By Deepta Bolaky STOCK MARKETS After a stellar year for the stock markets, investors were entertaining the idea that equities will outperform in 2018 even though a correction above 15% was expected at some point. The U.S equity markets showed impre...

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First Quarter Overview – Massive Swings and Volatility in Stock Markets
April 17, 2018

First Quarter Overview - Massive Swings and Volatility in Stock Markets  By Deepta Bolaky First quarter of the year ended with markets experiencing massive swings and volatility. Higher bond yields, revised inflation expectations and a pot...

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Amazon on Track to Become a $1 Trillion Company
March 22, 2018

Amazon on Track to Become a $1 Trillion Company  By Klavs ValtersWith Apple close to becoming the first company in the world to reach $1 trillion market cap, Amazon is also closing in. As one of the world’s largest online retailers it...

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Are we 5 weeks away from a US Government shutdown?
September 20, 2017

Are we 5 weeks away from a US Government shutdown? …and what does this mean for the markets?   President Donald Trump has had a few admittedly less-than-stellar weeks. Topping off his widely condemned remarks following the Charlottesville, Vir...

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Europe’s Bond-Buying Program
September 7, 2017

The European Central Bank (ECB) engaged into a €2 trillion bond buying program to promote economic growth and drive inflation up in the Eurozone. It involves buying assets from commercial banks to inject more funds in the banking system. It is a no...

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US Indices at Record Highs
August 3, 2017

US Indices at Record Highs US Indices have hit record highs in 2017 and are continuing to rally since the Trump presidency began back in January. The recent rally in the US Indices is mainly due to big number of companies reporting stronger performa...

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