Weekly Summaries

Weekly Summary: The Warnings and Grim Economic Data
May 15, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets US Health Officials and Fed’s Warnings Market participants are moving past reopening plans and are digesting the reality of this “new normal”. At a hearing before the Senate health committee, Dr Anthony Fa...

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Week Ahead – The Reopening of the Plunging Economies
May 11, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets While investors might find solace in reopening plans for global economies, they are also bracing for a series of economic reports, which will reiterate the global economic turmoil created by the pandemic. Cauti...

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Week Ahead – Lockdown Exit Plans, Central Banks, Jobs Reports and Earnings
May 4, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets Lockdown Exit Plans, Central Banks, Jobs Reports and Earnings Lockdown Exit Plans As the rate of coronavirus cases continues to fall in many countries, governments are busy unveiling reopening plans to help b...

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The Lockdown, the Fallout and the Roadmap to Recovery
April 30, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets Global Lockdown In an abrupt and unprecedented manner, the world witnessed a mass halt to global activities due to the pandemic. Governments and central banks rushed in to intervene and support the global econ...

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Week Ahead – Central Banks & Big Tech Earnings
April 27, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets Central Banks & Big Tech Earnings Weekend News & Speculations The speculations about Kim Jong-Un’s health has intensified over the weekend after unverified reports of a visit by a Chinese medical tea...

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Weekly Summary:  Oil Crash and Virus Trials
April 24, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets Weekly Summary Oil Crash and Virus Trials Investors remain focused on the trend of coronavirus cases across the globe. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is seeing different trends in different regions and eve...

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Week Ahead – Draft Proposals to Resume Activities Expected
April 20, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets The number of coronavirus cases is still relatively high, but many countries have recorded the slowest pace in new cases and deaths in the past few days. The attention is therefore slowly shifting towards how q...

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Weekly Summary: OPEC+ Agreement, Earnings and Economic Data
April 17, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets There was a subdued start to the week due to the Easter Monday holiday. Investors initially found some support on the early signs that the new COVID-19 cases are easing in certain countries and on the biggest o...

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Week Ahead – OPEC Meeting in the Limelight
April 6, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets It is becoming incredibly difficult to predict how the week will unfold as it is heavily dependent on the growth rate of the new coronavirus cases. The COVID-19 updates on the weekend have been mixed. It is too...

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Weekly Summary:  The Epicentre Moves to the West
April 3, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets Weekly Summary  The Epicentre Moves to the West Global activities have slowed in an abrupt matter due to an unprecedented health crisis. The virus has changed how the world operates and investors are adjusting...

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Week Ahead – Coronavirus Cases, PMI, and NFP
March 30, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets As countries are slowly shutting their doors to the world by putting a halt to global activities, the financial markets recovered to a semblance of normality last week - mostly lifted by the massive stimulus pa...

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Weekly Summary: A Domino Effect
March 27, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets The world is facing an economic crisis triggered by an unprecedented health crisis and an oil price war. It was another week of extreme volatility in the financial markets:  Gold on the rise again Oil ...

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Week Ahead – A Gloomy Outlook Ahead
March 23, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets As the world progressively goes into lockdown to contain the widespread of the coronavirus, investors are facing the unfortunate reality that the next couple of months will be a struggle. Death tolls are increa...

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Weekly Summary: The World and Its Various Forms of Lockdown
March 20, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets Weekly Summary The World and Its Various Forms of Lockdown It was an unusual busy week where investors were struggling to keep up with various forms of lockdown around the world. The pause in global activity is...

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Week Ahead – More Easing and Virus Intervention Measures!
March 16, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets Week Ahead  More Easing and Virus Intervention Measures!  More easing policies hit the markets as the global pandemic create havoc in the financial markets. In a coordinated move, central banks are slashing ...

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