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GO Markets partners with Trade View

February 12, 2020

GO Markets has announced that it is partnering with Melbourne-based proprietary trading firm, Trade View to offer its clients their brand new algorithmic trading platform, Trade View X. Trade View X offers clients its 3 main tools: EA Lab, EA Tester and EA Analyser to help clients quickly and easily turn their ideas into live automated models.

The partnership will help GO Markets’ clients to build, test, and trade their automated trading ideas within the familiar MT4 environment without a single coding line required. Through Trade View’s patent pending (2019268068) Image Recognition technology, clients can build what they see on the charts into an automated model – instantly. This means that clients with absolutely no coding experience would still be able to build automated trading systems with ease as functions are predefined through EA Lab’s simple building blocks. Feasibility of the models can then be tested through EA Tester and EA Analyser. Promising strategies can also be deployed and run as fully automated trading systems.

The commitment from both Trade View and GO Markets is to give traders the ability to build, test, and trade their trading ideas without needing to code, to make sure they have the potential to work before trading them with real money. Trade View aims to bridge the gap between new and experienced traders, those who can code and those who are looking to get involved with automated trading. Clients who take advantage of the service will also have access to a team of experienced traders from Trade View which offers unlimited technical support.

Trade View Investments Managing Director Robert Bubalovski said: “We are very happy to announce this partnership with GO Markets to provide their clients access to Trade View X . We are excited to be closely integrated into the GO Markets client experience which will enable them to build, test, and trade models without needing to code. With this in mind, we look forward to seeing the algo trading models GO Markets clients build and what they think about the brand new tools and features such as the patent pending image recognition tool allowing traders to build what they see on the charts – instantly. As an official partner of GO Markets, Trade View is delighted to be part of the process of developing GO Markets clients trading skills.”

GO Markets CEO Chris Gore added: “Trade View is an innovator in the world of algo trading, so it’s great to be able to finally work together. It’s about giving our traders a greater level of control, to build, test and run complex trading systems, and Trade View does this incredibly well. I look forward to see how they shake things up in the industry in the years to come.”

About Trade View Investments Pty Ltd (Trade View)

Trade View Investments (TVI) is a privately held Algorithmic Proprietary Trading firm located in Melbourne, Australia. TVI is a technology-focused firm that develops traders through its in-house proprietary applications and the very latest trading and information platforms in real-time.

Trade View carries out the commercial activities of TVI. Trade View is an Authorised Representative (Authorised Representative No. 1279493) of Trade View Investments who holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) No. 510116 to carry on a financial services business in Australia, limited to its financial services covered by its AFSL.

For further information, visit or contact Trade View by telephone on: +61 3 9018 5438.


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