Bitcoin rockets after powerful spike

Bitcoin rockets powerful spike   Bitcoin’s price has seemingly spiked out of nowhere in what has been in one of its strongest moves in days. With Bitcoin’s price suffering from sector volatility, it and most other cryptocurrencies has seen an aggressive sell off. This current rise in price is threatening to test the upper resistance po...

November 30, 2022
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Will BlockFi be another FTX?

Not even one week after crypto exchange FTX officially filed for bankruptcy another Cryptocurrency entity has felt the wrath and submitted its own Chapter 11. The spread and contagion effect from FTX was always a concern and now cryptocurrency lender BlockFi has fallen. BlockFi had been struggling even prior to the FTX collapse. In fact, the com...

November 29, 2022
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Short-term buying opportunity on Bitcoin

Bitcoin has recently tested the lows of its price range that it reached in the immediate aftermath of the FTX crisis. A long opportunity has been brought about after the price bounced off these lows near $15,863. The hourly chart shows a potential good risk reward entry. The trigger for the entry is not just the fact that price has bounced off the ...

November 21, 2022
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FTX, a failure in Corporate Governance and effective risk management

The FTX bankruptcy case has been a fascinating study in the failure of corporate governance providing a warning to the Cryptocurrency industry that a lack of regulation will not excuse poor financial management and that these exchanges are not immune to failure. In the last week, the company engaged distressed company expert, John Ray III to tak...

November 18, 2022
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Bitcoin ready for its next leg down?

Bitcoin has seen its price plummet after a volatile week largely due to the collapse of Cryptocurrency exchange, FTX. The price of the Bitcoin has fallen to levels not seen since November 2020. The price is now showing signs that it may be in a short-term consolidation before it may sell off again. The downward move may be amplified, especially if ...

November 16, 2022
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Crypto Crashes as exchange, FTX, faces liquidity crisis.

Bitcoin has dropped dramatically over the last 24 hours to its lowest level for the year after fears were sparked that major player FTX faced a liquidity crisis. In the last two years cryptocurrency has become available to large institutions and funds which has increased the overall size of the market. However, at the same time it has made it vulne...

November 9, 2022
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Is Bitcoin in a league of its own?

Bitcoin, the currency of tomorrow, a new age currency, has seen some severe ups and downs over the last few years. From reaching highs of nearly 70,000 dollars to dropping to lows of 17,000 the volatility and action around the cryptocurrency has been startling. Even compared to other traditional currencies the range and volatility of the price has ...

November 4, 2022
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Week Ahead: Equities remain jittery as inflation fears remain, Crypto crashes

Equity Markets US equity markets are coming off a mixed week. The S&P 500 registered a second straight down week for the first time since February, while the Dow posted its fourth negative week in five. The NASDAQ gained 0.31% last week after a 4 week losing streak as dip buyers finally appeared to snap up beaten-down tech stocks. Analysts ...

May 24, 2021
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Stimulus euphoria leads to all time highs, a new US administration and Bitcoin bust

We had an eventful week on global markets with the inauguration of a new US administration and a dovish stance from the European Central bank fuelling hopes of extended fiscal stimulus in the new year. Equity markets Risk appetite got a boost this week from a push by US authorities for nearly $2 trillion in additional spending and plans to jumpst...

January 22, 2021
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Week Ahead: Equity markets take a breather, US dollar strength and Crypto pullback

Major Indices took a breather last week, with US equity markets closing down more than 1% after posting record highs the week prior. In economic news, the incoming US administration announced a $1.9 USD trillion fiscal-stimulus plan that aims to counter the effects of COVID-19 and support markets as recent weak economic figures are indicating the...

January 18, 2021
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