ASX Share CFDs: Timing Entry: “The professionals close the market”?
Luglio 9, 2019

Traditionally, one of the long-lasting market clichés is that the “amateurs open the market the professionals close it”. Although this may be a little simplistic, there is no doubt that commonly trading volume in equity markets is at it’s highest at the beginning and the end of the day, but of course there are active market participants thr...

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The European Union Top Jobs
Luglio 4, 2019

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets The European Union Top Jobs The European Central Bank (“ECB”) President The European leaders nominated Christine Lagarde, a French lawyer and a politician serving as Managing Director and Chairwoman of the International Monetary Fund ("IMF") as the ECB President. The ECB is responsible for the monetary...

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Back-To-Back Interest Rate Cuts
Luglio 2, 2019

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets Second Rate Cut The Reserve bank of Australia (RBA) cut interest rate by 25 basis points which marks the first back-to-back rate cut since 2012. The RBA also sets the interest rate to a record low at 1%: “Today's decision to lower the cash rate will help make further inroads into the spare capacity i...

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Preview: Non-Farm Payroll Announcement
Giugno 7, 2019

It’s a new month which means the latest Non-Farm Payroll figures will be released this week by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The latest data will be released at 13:30 PM London time on Friday. Why is the announcement important? Non-farm payroll is one of the most closely watched indicators and is considered the most wide-ranging measu...

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Position Sizing for ASX Share CFDs (free calculator download)
Maggio 15, 2019

Position sizing is simply the number of contracts that you choose to enter for any specific trade. It is this, combined with the movement in price (either positively or negatively) from entry to exit in your trade, that determines your final dollar result for any specific trade. As this result impacts on your trading capital, position sizing,...

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Come accedere al VPS gratuito di GO Markets
Ottobre 9, 2018

Se sei un attuale cliente di GO Markets, contatta un membro del nostro Team di Supporto e ti aiuteremo a fare l’impostazione. Come funziona: GO Markets offre l’abbonamento mensile gratuito VPS ai clienti che hanno realizzato un volume minimo di scambi di un milione di dollari USA per mese civile (circa 5 lotti completi di FX). Una commiss...

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