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Referral Partnerships

Professionalism, a respected brand and a proven track record are just some of the reasons why individuals and corporates choose GO Markets and become its Referral partners.

If you have a website, forum or a group of traders that you’d like to help get setup with GO Markets, you can sign up to our Referral  Program after you read and accept to our Client Referral Guidelines and Client Referral Agreement.

When it comes to Referral Program, you want to be able to focus on new client’s traffic and not be concerned about existing clients. This is where our track record in MetaTrader and many years of servicing referral programs and Forex partnerships count.

When you join GO Markets’ Referral Program you access:

  • Payment of Referrer remuneration;
  • Flexible Referral program terms;
  • Referral Program dashboard;
  • Various marketing material including banners;
  • Cookie tracking to ensure commissions get paid to you.

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With our multi-level commission structure, earning rebates on client referrals was never so easy.

Earn up to $5 per lot and get access to dedicated account managers and real-time payments as you trade. Our referral program is best for:

  • Signal Providers
  • Education Providers
  • General Providers
  • Trading Services

Partner with a market leader and one of the best Forex brokers providing clients with both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms.

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Compliance – Referral Program Guidelines

We have created some guidelines in a checklist form for you to assess your website/ social media site/blog against. This list has been created as a guide for you to understand our requirements.

Client Referral Agreement
Client Referral Guidelines