GO Markets Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for MT4 & MT5

Access to a fast, efficient and reliable server is critical for trading. You want a server that is always on and one that can deliver lightning-fast access. This is because real-time access is vital when you’re trading fast moving markets such as the forex market.

Using a Virtual Private Server for MT4 & MT5 (VPS) gives you the speed and continuous access that is vital to your trading. With your GO Markets VPS, you can optimise the features and capabilities of the MT4 & MT5 trading platforms.

GO Markets VPS allows you to execute trades using Expert Advisors (EAs) much faster and easier. This means more efficient trading where you can take advantage of high-impact events or set up trades for automatic placement directly into the market. With our VPS solution, you have direct access to market liquidity as it is physically located a few metres away from where the majority of FX transactions are conducted.

Forex VPS server

Benefits for Using VPS for MetaTrader 4 & 5

  • Continuous access and running of your Algos and EAs
  • Remote access to your trading
  • Access to a high-tech and fully-equipped trading environment
  • No need for additional computers or back-ups
  • Direct access to global FX liquidity

How to Access the VPS for MT4  & MT5 with GO Markets

If you’re an existing GO Markets client, simply get in touch with a member of our Support Team and we’ll help you get set up.

How it works:

GO Markets offers free monthly VPS subscription to clients who have completed a minimum trade volume of US$1m per calendar month (approximately 5 round turn FX lots). A VPS service fee starting from US$10 (or Account Currency Equivalent) per month will be charged to your trading account if the monthly trade volume is not met.

You can activate or terminate your VPS subscription via your GO Markets Client Portal under Profile > VPS section or you can contact our Support Team. Please note your VPS subscription will be terminated if you close your Trading Account with GO Markets or the Equity Balance of your Trading Account falls below A$30 (or Account Currency Equivalent).

Bronze (or Standard)

Bronze VPS

1 CPU Core

30 GB Storage


24/5 Support

2ms Latency

USD 10 or Minimum Trading Volume of $1m notional value per month (approx. 5 lots)


Silver VPS

2 CPU Cores

30 GB Storage


24/5 Support

2ms Latency

USD 20 or Minimum Trading Volume of $2m notional value per month (approx. 10 lots)


Gold VPS

4 CPU Cores

30 GB Storage


24/5 Support

2ms Latency

USD 30 or Minimum Trading Volume of $3m notional value per month (approx. 15 lots)

GO Markets offers a variety of Virtual Private Server (VPS) tiers for Forex and CFD trading. GO Markets also offers complimentary monthly VPS subscription to clients who have completed minimum trade volumes. See above for our standard VPS options and feel free to contact us for more information.

Disclaimer on GO Markets VPS services

GO Markets VPS subscribers may kindly note that VPS is an optional service provided to them over and above the Client terminal/mobile terminal. For this reason, in the event of a downtime or disruption on the VPS services, VPS subscribers still have the option to continue trading e.g., closing open position (s) or opening new position(s) using MT4/5 desktop/mobile client terminals or using GO Markets chat systems with the Trading desk. For this reason VPS subscribers hold GO Markets not liable for any damage/loss in the event of an unexpected VPS downtime/disruption.

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