Economic Calendar

Stay up to date on global markets with our economic calendar

Understanding what high impact events are on the economic calendar for the week ahead is extremely important for all traders. We have a customisable calendar which stays up to date and provides all the key announcements from all the major regions around the world.
Stay on top of the news that directly impacts the Forex, Index and Commodity markets from our live and updated calendar below.
Forex traders around the globe need to know what low, medium and high impact events are coming up in order to prepare their positions and stop losses in the market.
One of the useful features of our economic calendar is the ability to see the previous result, the consensus and the actual, all on the one line. This enables you to understand quickly whether the result is above or below current estimates. The market often reacts when news items miss their consensus forecast by a large amount.
To get started, click on the ‘Show Filters’ button below and a range of filters will pop up. This will allow you to customer the display to your preference.