cTrader Copy provides the opportunity for GO Markets’ traders to achieve results by mirroring the trades of top performing investors.     

All traders with a cTrader account can start using cTrader Copy. 

  • Save time by using automated trading strategies
  • Secure trading with complete transparency
  • Utilise advanced risk management settings to protect your account
  • Access rich insights and analytics tools
  • Trade via web, desktop or mobile
  • Maintain control using the equity-to-equity ratio model
  • Access via a simple add-on to your cTrader account

Disclaimer: These 3rd party Strategy Providers have been sourced by the platform provider and act as interbroker strategy providers within the same ecosystem. GO Markets does not make any representations or warranties that they’ll be accurate or error-free. Nothing on this page is to be construed as an offer, recommendation or solicitation to buy, sell or to participate in any particular trading strategy. We’re not taking into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs in making these platforms available to you. You’re solely responsible for any transactions entered into as a result of using any of these platforms. We encourage you to seek independent advice before deciding whether to use a social trading platform and understand the risks around using social trading platforms.

Learn more about cTrader Copy

cTrader Copy is available to all clients with a cTrader account.

Getting started with cTrader is easy: Open your CFD trading account today, and simply select cTrader as your preferred platform.

Existing clients, log into the GO Markets Client Portal to add cTrader to your account.

See the platform in action:

cTrader with GO Markets

Access to information

Get rich insights and analytics tools

Equity-to-equity ratio model

Maintain control using the equity-to-equity ratio model

Simple to use

Access via a simple add-on to your cTrader account

Dedicated Account Manager

Enjoy personal service from an experienced team member



Per 1 standard FX lot per sideA$3.00

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