Trading Mastery 2024 online conference

You have the power to create your trading future

Trading Mastery 2024 online conference

You have the power to create your trading future

Striving for “Trading Mastery” is based on a foundation of ongoing knowledge acquisition, system development and refinement. Consistently and constantly working on these core things can make a real difference in your trading behavior and confidence.

The Trading Mastery online conference gives you the incredible opportunity to experience education at its highest level, from trading experts, who have something sensational to share. It has been designed to help you build on your existing trading learnings and take your performance to the next level.

This conference has ended, view the conference recordings here.

Please note: Due to technical issues on the day, Peter Castle of the ATAA / Easy Share Trading, who was scheduled to speak, was unable to attend the conference. Peter will be part of one of our upcoming Inner Circle webinars, for which Trading Mastery registrants will receive an invitation.


Mike Smith

CEO, TraderIQ

Lachlan Meakin

Head of Research, GO Markets

Cameron Malik

Magnetic Trading

Mark Austin

Magnetic Trading

Adrian Reid

Enlightened Stock Trading

Peter Castle

ATAA / Easy Share Trading

Trading Mastery conference program

Saturday 17th Feb 2024 11am to 4pm. (Please note: All times are AEST)

11.00am –  Conference welcome and introduction – You can create your trading future! Lachlan Meakin, Head of research, GO Markets.

Part 1

  • 11:15am Session 1 – Getting started in automated trading: 6 easy steps to sustainable results – Mike Smith, CEO, Trader IQ.
  • 12:00pm – Break.
  • 12:10pm Session 2 – Overcoming human biases with systematic trading strategies – Adrian Reid, CEO, Enlightened Stock Trading.
  • 12:55pm – Break.
  • 13:05pm Session 3 – Trading with a zen mind – Peter Castle, ATAA / Easy Share Trading.
  • 13:50pm Break.

Part 2

  • 14:10pm Session 4 – New thinking on pairs trading strategies – Lachlan Meakin, Head of Research – GO Markets.
  • 14:55pm – Break.
  • 15:05pm –  Session 5 – Trading market function – Innovative new approaches for 2024 for lifestyle trading strategies – Cameron Malik and Mark Austin, Founders, Magnetic Trading.
  • 15:50pm – Conference summary: Time to take massive action to become the trader you can be? – Mike Smith.
  • 16:00pm – Conference close.

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