OPEC and G20 Meetings Not Guaranteed
April 8, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarketsOn 8 March 2020, Saudi Arabia initiated an oil price war with Russia, triggering a rout in the oil market at a time where the world is facing a pandemic and many countries forced to shut down their activities a...

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First Quarter: Crisis, Volatility, and Opportunities
March 31, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarketsThe first quarter of 2020 was marred by unpredicted events that rattled the financial markets:Tensions between US and Iran; The extreme weather conditions across the globe as a result of climate change...

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The Perfect Storm Brewing in the Oil Market
March 27, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets The Perfect Storm Brewing in the Oil Market The oil and gas industry has been undergoing significant challenges due to the structural shift within the industry. A pandemic-induced economic downturn and an oil pr...

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Investment Opportunities in the Health Care Sector
March 24, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarketsIt might be difficult to stay optimistic in such plunging markets. Global equities are in a bear market and investors are moving away from riskier assets. Amid the mayhem, there may still be some buying opportu...

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Year to Date: ASX Best Performer
March 20, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarketsIt may be difficult to remain optimistic in such plunging markets. Global equities are in bear market territory and investors are moving away from riskier assets. Amid the mayhem, there might still be some ...

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Gold Is Being Liquidated
March 18, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets Liquidity Crisis High levels of liquidity happen when there is both supply and demand for an asset, meaning transactions can take place easily. A market is considered to be liquid if it can absorb liquidity trad...

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Should Current Market Volatility Merit a Review of how you are Trading?
March 13, 2020

  Volatility Revisited Volatility is a measure of the range of price movement over a defined period on a specific timeframe on which any calculation is performed. It may increase or decrease dependent on market conditions and aims to provide t...

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Bear Market – Where’s the Floor?
March 13, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets Bear Market – Where’s the Floor?In such plunging markets, we either tend to remember one of the most quoted Warren Buffet-isms “Widespread Fear is Your Friend, Personal Fear is Your Enemy” or see ...

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A Volatile Month – With New Highs and Big Plunges
February 28, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets A Volatile Month - With New Highs and Big PlungesFebruary brought “new highs” and “big plunges” in the financial markets. The COVID_19 has added another layer of uncertainty in the markets and is th...

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Top 5 Daily Habits of Experienced Traders
February 27, 2020

Success leaves clues, and over the years as an educator and coach, I can confidently say that there are several things that traders who achieve positive trading outcomes appear to do, that less successful traders are not doing. One of these is t...

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Australian Earnings Results – ASX200 Hits Record High
February 19, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarketsIt was another busy day for the Australian share market with a series of corporate results;  namely for Asaleo Care, Crown, Cleanaway, Domino's Pizza, Fletcher Building, Fortescue Metals, Lovisa, McPherson's, ...

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Australian Earnings Results: Altium Kept the ASX200 in the Red
February 18, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarketsIn the Australian share market, the focus remains on the earnings report. Most sectors were trading in negative territory with significant losses in the energy and information technology sectors. The technology...

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Australian Earning Results: 17th February 2020
February 17, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarketsThe Australian share market struggled to rise into positive territory on Monday. Sectors performance was mixed, with Information Technology, Energy and Real Estate leading gains of more than 0.5%, while signifi...

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GO Markets partners with Trade View
February 12, 2020

GO Markets has announced that it is partnering with Melbourne-based proprietary trading firm, Trade View to offer its clients their brand new algorithmic trading platform, Trade View X. Trade View X offers clients its 3 main tools: EA Lab, EA Tes...

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An Action-Packed January
January 31, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarketsJanuary was an action-packed month with market-moving economic and geopolitical events. Investors barely had time for a breather as the new developments were crucial in setting the tone for the rest of the ...

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