GBPCAD – G10’s Best Performing Currencies Lock Horns
February 11, 2021

GBPCAD – Hourly Individually, both the British Pound and the Canadian Dollar have surged in recent trading sessions, appearing relatively strong against their peers in the short-term. With the latest fundamental data suggesting both currencies have benefited from similar economic drivers, it could be tough to navigate a directional bias for GB...

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AUDNZD – Kiwi Returning To The Status Quo
February 3, 2021

AUDNZD – Daily Despite the Australian Dollar having a strong rally towards the end of last year, it appears the New Zealand Dollar is once again regaining the upper hand against its counterpart. New Zealand is ticking many of the economic boxes of late, and from a fundamental point of view, it's not hard to envisage a return of strength for th...

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EURGBP – Sterling Applying The Pressure
January 26, 2021

EURGBP – Hourly Since the 12th of January, we've seen much choppy price action in the EURGBP cross, with Pound Sterling applying the more significant selling pressure. This shorter-term bearish bias is what we'll be looking at in today's Chart of The Day using the hourly time frame. Firstly, we can see the initial DiNapoli target of 0.8854 ...

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NZDJPY – Kiwi Gathers Momentum Eyeing 77.88
January 14, 2021

NZDJPY- Daily NZDJPY- The Japanese Yen finally regained some ground against the US Dollar during this afternoon's London session but continues to display weakness against many of its counterparts. In particular, the NZDJPY and AUDJPY crosses remain technically bullish in the short-term. Looking at the NZDJPY daily trend, we see a validated bull...

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EURUSD – Goldman’s 1.28 Estimate Matches P&F Analysis
January 7, 2021

EURUSD- Point & Figure EURUSD- The overall weakness of the US Dollar continues to dominate much of the FX markets at this stage. Despite a slight uptick in USDJPY this afternoon, the longer-term picture is starting to suggest more of the same, particularly against a much stronger Euro. In September, Goldman Sachs mentioned a 12-month price ...

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EURJPY – Unearthing A Potential 2015 Target
December 15, 2020

EURJPY - Point & Figure EURJPY - At the start of the month, we witnessed a sizeable shift in sentiment towards the Euro, hiking up demand and resulting in a strong bullish rally. Since then, price action has behaved mostly sideways, but there are signs of bullish activity stemming from this initial move. In today's Chart of The Day, we're lo...

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DXY – Can The Dollar Rise To The Occasion?
October 20, 2020

DXY - Daily DXY - The daily Ichimoku chart displayed mostly indecisive moves throughout August and printed a low of 91.74 last month. It seemed DXY essentially tip-toed sideways as the market attempted to factor in both the US election event and the second wave of COVID-19. As the current price resides within the cloud, this wavering sentiment a...

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COTD: GBPAUD – Pound Finding Bearish Territory
October 1, 2020

GBPAUD - Hourly GBPAUD -   We saw GBPAUD attempt a stronger recovery last month, but it appears the Pound may not have the resolve to push higher as we enter into October. In today's Chart of The Day, we examine the hourly chart using the Ichimoku method. In the shorter-term, it appears the latest weekly pivot points of 1.80 and 1.77 play...

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Chart of the Day: AUDJPY – Potential price ceiling @76.80?
August 26, 2020

AUDJPY - 4HR AUDJPY (4HR) Today we are looking at AUDJPY on the 4hr time frame. Despite a more robust Aussie Dollar recovery since March earlier in the year, there appear to be warning signs that this bullish move could run out of steam in the short to medium-term. Firstly, we can note the overall strength of the move higher by how well the pric...

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Chart of the Day: Tuesday 25th August
August 25, 2020

GBPUSD - Daily  GBPUSD (Daily) For today's Chart of The Day, we are looking at Cable on the daily time frame. After several days of tight consolidation following an impulsive move higher, GBPUSD forms a bullish flag candle pattern and could be about to break higher. The impulsive move mentioned occurred last month in July when the price rose fr...

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Chart of the Day: Monday 24th August
August 24, 2020

EURCAD - Daily EURCAD (Daily) The price action for this minor pair on the daily time frame is exciting as it draws parallels to the story of Covid-19 in-terms of overall market direction and psychology. As the strength of the Euro traced the levels of fear and panic surrounding the pandemic thus far in 2020, it's developed into a classic U shape ...

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Forex This Week: What to Expect
June 1, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets In the month of May, major currencies were stronger against the US dollar as risk sentiment improved and haven currencies like the US dollar, the Yen and Swiss franc have lost momentum. Commodity-linked currencies were among the best performers against the US dollar; lifted by higher commodity prices. Source: ...

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The Reopening Experiment and Geopolitical Risks
May 29, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets The Grand Reopening Given the unprecedented nature of the Great Lockdown, the gradual reopening of economies are now being viewed as an experiment. World leaders are faced with tough decisions trying to manage unparalleled health and economic crisis and the differences of opinions over how, when and which busine...

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EURUSD: EU Recovery Plan and EU’s Frugal Four
May 26, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarket EU Recovery Fund After a standoff between the EU and Germany, following a critical ruling on ECB’s quantitative easing program by Germany’s constitutional court, the gradual reopening of economies of member states within the Eurozone has brought some optimism. The downside risks for the Eurozone and its shar...

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The Lockdown, the Fallout and the Roadmap to Recovery
April 30, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets Global Lockdown In an abrupt and unprecedented manner, the world witnessed a mass halt to global activities due to the pandemic. Governments and central banks rushed in to intervene and support the global economy with unconventional measures to cushion the impact of the coronavirus on their economies and ease ma...

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Is Germany on the Brink of a Technical Recession?
November 12, 2019

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets Is Germany on the Brink of a Technical Recession? Europe’s largest economy and the world’s fourth-largest economy is at risk of going into a technical recession.  Such recession arises after two consecutive quarters of economic decline. In the second quarter of 2019, the German’s economy had contracted by ...

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The Loonie – Best Performing G10 Currencies
October 24, 2019

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets The Loonie Best Performing G10 Currencies After a tight campaign marred by scandals, Justin Trudeau secured another term as Prime Minister. Unlike a clear win in 2015, the Prime Minister did not pass the threshold of 170 seats and will lead a minority government. The governing party will be forced to depend on ...

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Limited Time Offer: 50% off Commission
October 9, 2019

How it works: Forex & Metals GO Markets normally charges a commission of A$3.00* per side/standard lot when trading FX or metals on a GO Plus+ Account. However, when opted into the promotion and while the promotion is active, you will be able to trade Metals and Forex for just A$1.50* per side/standard lot (or currency equivalent). Share CFDs ...

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Why THIS US earnings season may be of interest to Forex traders
July 23, 2019

  The traditional relationship between equity markets and forex is complex and often not particularly well correlated. As a result company earnings are often of little interest to Forex traders. However, this earnings season may be different. Theoretically, if a country’s equity markets perform well, as the US market has done year to date,...

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Option traders – Time to Hedge your Currency Risk?
May 17, 2019

Many traders utilise options amongst their investment strategies either for income or capital growth. As with Forex and CFD trading, options offer an opportunity to get into a leveraged position giving exposure to the movement of an underlying instrument. One of the key factors that options traders may consider in their choice of specific markets...

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