Oil, Metals, Soft Commodities

Oil, Metals, Soft Commodities

The Tricky trade of Oil

Never has the oil been trickier than it is right now. The influences on the price are complex, varied and time dependent. It’s even trickier  when you look at it from the trade of commodities versus equities.  Here are the key things that are catching our attention with oil trading in spot, forwards and equities.   Spot vs. Antici...

June 12, 2024
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Moving forward – the volt revolution of transport 

The transportation of the world is becoming one of the most interesting trading places in markets as we clearly have a structural long-term change coming as the world moves from the black stuff (oil) to electricity.  But the trader question is – what’s happening in these markets now? The black stuff - Oil Oil prices have softened due ...

May 23, 2024
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Economic versus the Federal Reserve Policy Implications

Where’s the Federal Reserve at? Slowing Growth and Potential Rate Cuts: Recent economic data suggests a slowdown in growth, contrary to earlier expectations of reaccelerating growth and inflation. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's statements and recent economic indicators point towards the possibility of lower policy rates in the near f...

May 21, 2024
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Future metals: are we seeing the 2000s again?

Plenty has been made of the drive towards nickel and lithium as “future metals” as the world's “electrification” takes hold. This “electrification” has been nicknamed the “volt revolution” and when you get these kinds of technological leaps - what's appearing to be the “winner” now doesn't necessarily mean it will be the overall...

May 7, 2024
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Middle East conflict & US interest rates send Gold back towards all-time highs.

Since reaching a local bottom in October of last year, XAUUSD has experienced a strong uptrend of over 13%. Closing its third consecutive positive session, Gold is inching closer to its all-time high, now sitting just above $2,050 USD per ounce. From a technical standpoint, Gold is following a well-defined rising channel that has been predominan...

January 16, 2024
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XAUUSD Analysis – Further Downside in Gold possible as Risk Premium unwinds

Golds safe haven status was reaffirmed as markets opened on the 9th of October to the news of conflict in the Middle East, this saw XAUUSD go on an impressive run, rallying almost 10%, breaking the psychological 2000 USD an ounce level and hitting 6-month highs. This week we have seen some of that risk premium unwind as reduced haven flows and p...

November 9, 2023
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Is the Gold Run Over?

The recent surge in gold prices, following recent events in the Middle East and the declining US Dollar (DXY), raises the question: Is this the end of the bull run for Gold (XAU/USD)? Gold started rising earlier this month after rejecting the price level of 1815.00. Since then, it has steadily climbed back to its previous peak of 1984.00, a resi...

October 24, 2023
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Charts to watch in the week ahead – AUDUSD, Gold, Oil

Global markets head into the new week with one eye on ongoing geopolitical pressures and one eye on US data and comments from Federal Reserve members as we come into the last week before the blackout period ahead of the November 2 FOMC meeting. Along with the geopolitical backdrop there is some key scheduled data this week the traders will be watch...

October 16, 2023
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Crude Oil analysis – WTI drops 3% to fills the gap on inventory build and dwindling supply disruption fears

WTI Crude oil got off to a flyer on Monday open as news broke of conflict in the Middle East saw a hefty risk premium being priced in fueled by fears of supply disruptions. It seems some of those fears have abated and along with a massive crude inventory build of almost 13mm barrels reported by API on Wednesday, a classic gap fill chart pattern has...

October 12, 2023
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WTI Crude Oil hits 10-month high, but there are some technical challenges ahead.

The WTI Crude Oil market is in an interesting spot on the charts, hitting a 10-month high in Wednesday's session. This strong performance comes after repeatedly testing and holding the $66-67 support level, resulting in an impressive climb of over 30% since the beginning of July. Having broken through a significant resistance level around $8...

September 14, 2023
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Crude Realities: The extent of OPEC’s influence on financial markets

OPEC stands for the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Founded in 1960, OPEC's main objective is to coordinate and unify the petroleum policies of its member countries to secure fair and stable prices for petroleum producers.  This article briefly outlines who this organisation is and their significant influence on the pricing o...

August 14, 2023
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Gold eases heading into FOMC

After a fortnight of trending north, Gold has fallen over the past 5 days. It is currently trading at around $1960, showing a slight decline of approximately 1.35% from its recent high of $1987.53. Price is currently trying to break out of the downward channel that it has been in since late last week, so something to keep an eye on going into th...

July 26, 2023
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Market Analysis 15-19 May 2023

XAUUSD Analysis   8 – 12 May 2023 The gold price outlook is generally positive in the medium term. Although the close of last week's sell pressure bar indicates a significant loss of buying momentum, due to the sell-off during the week but the price is still moving above the 2000 support level after a rebound to test and then rebound. It...

May 18, 2023
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Market Analysis 8-12 May 2023

XAUUSD Analysis 8 – 12 May 2023 The gold price outlook is positive in the medium term. Although last week's closing of the buying pressure bar would indicate a loss of buying momentum due to the weekly selloff. But the price is still moving above the 2000 support, it is very likely that the price will continue to move above the 2000 level ...

May 9, 2023
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Market Analysis 1-5 May 2023

XAUUSD Analysis   1 – 5 May 2023 The gold price outlook is positive in the medium term. Although last week's closing of the buying pressure bar would indicate a loss of buying momentum due to the weekly selloff. But the price is still moving in a narrow range above the 1960 support or the recent high on the Weekly timeframe. resistance 2...

May 3, 2023
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