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NZDJPY – Kiwi Gathers Momentum Eyeing 77.88
January 15, 2021

NZDJPY- Daily NZDJPY- The Japanese Yen finally regained some ground against the US Dollar during this afternoon's London session but continues to display weakness against many of its counterparts. In particular, the NZDJPY and AUDJPY crosses ...

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Crude Oil – Saudi Production Cuts Spark Rally
January 13, 2021

USOIL- Hourly USOIL- It's been an impressive start to the year for Crude Oil prices so far, with prices steadily rising to over $50 per barrel and returning to pre-pandemic levels. It would seem many underestimated such a speedy recovery. ...

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EURUSD – Goldman’s 1.28 Estimate Matches P&F Analysis
January 8, 2021

EURUSD- Point & Figure EURUSD- The overall weakness of the US Dollar continues to dominate much of the FX markets at this stage. Despite a slight uptick in USDJPY this afternoon, the longer-term picture is starting to suggest more of the ...

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EURJPY – Unearthing A Potential 2015 Target
December 16, 2020

EURJPY - Point & Figure EURJPY - At the start of the month, we witnessed a sizeable shift in sentiment towards the Euro, hiking up demand and resulting in a strong bullish rally. Since then, price action has behaved mostly sideways, but t...

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COTD: GBPJPY – Bullish Sentiment On A Tightrope
December 9, 2020

GBPJPY - 4HR GBPJPY - Last week we looked at EURGBP and the technicals relating to potential  issues surrounding the trade talks deadline. Sticking with the general theme, today's Chart of The Day focuses on another Sterling cross GBPJPY, po...

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OPEC and allies reach a compromise
December 4, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets The oil industry has remained pressurized by a supply glut and the ongoing uncertainty on the demand outlook with respect to the structural changes in the energy market and the pandemic. The recent vaccine update...

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COTD: EURGBP – Sterling Aiming For Long-Term Recovery
December 3, 2020

EURGBP - 4HR EURGBP - Pound Sterling hit hard during today's London session as senior EU diplomats suggested significant barriers still exist around trade deal negotiations. The unfavorable news sent the cross rallying to a three and a half w...

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COTD: USOIL – Can Oil Prices Reach Pre-Covid Levels?
December 1, 2020

USOIL - Point & Figure USOIL - Goldman Sachs has recently called for the value of crude oil to increase to roughly $65 per barrel as we head into 2021, and the latest charts appear to echo this sentiment of a global rebalancing in this ma...

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COTD: XRPUSD- Increased Demand Could Target $1.18
November 26, 2020

XRPUSD- Point & Figure XRPUSD - It's been a wild few sessions for the cryptocurrency space as a whole, particularly with Bitcoin creeping back up towards the $20,000 price region. In amongst this surge of activity, today's Chart of The Da...

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COTD: NZDCAD- Strong Bullish Trend Prevails
November 24, 2020

NZDCAD- 4HR NZDCAD - Fundamental positives for both the New Zealand Dollar and the Canadian Dollar continue to stack up this week as the commodities space shows renewed interest, and discussions of successful Covid-19 vaccines seem to increas...

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COTD: AUDUSD – Further Consolidation As Momentum Fades
November 13, 2020

AUDUSD - Hourly AUDUSD - Despite an impressive bounce-back above pre-pandemic levels, it appears the Australian Dollar rally could be coming to an end. With momentum waning and no apparent price catalysts in sight, the AUDUSD pair seems top-h...

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COTD: EURCHF- Emerging Pattern Suggests Reversal
November 11, 2020

EURCHF- Daily EURCHF - Generally speaking, EURCHF is not one that many would pay attention to due to the low ATR values. However, the pair has dusted itself off during the past few months and started making some decent moves once again. Th...

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COTD: NZDUSD- Bullish Channel Looking Overbought
November 6, 2020

NZDUSD- 4HR NZDUSD - Despite looking somewhat choppy and uninspiring on the longer-term charts, price action could be starting to heat up for the Kiwi Dollar as we venture into the lower time-frames in today's Chart of The Day. In particul...

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COTD: PYPL- PayPal Fueling A Digital Rally
November 4, 2020

PayPal (PYPL)- Daily PAYPAL - News of Paypal's venture into the world of Cryptocurrency last month sent the stock rallying 5%, as discussed in a previous article by Go Markets analyst @DeeptaGOMarkets. Since April, the share price, already on...

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COTD: EURJPY- Upsetting The Euro Apple Cart
November 3, 2020

EURJPY- Daily EURJPY - Midway through the year, it appeared the Euro had found an edge against its Japanese counterpart with increased demand push the pair to price highs last seen in early 2019. However, the last few weeks have brought about...

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