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COTD: EURAUD – Buy Signal To End Choppiness?
October 20, 2020

EURAUD - Point & Figure EURAUD - The EURAUD pair has bubbled along since June without providing a clear directional bias. The price, caught within a range, has looked static and uninteresting, but that could all be about to change as we s...

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US Corporate Earnings to Watch this Week
October 19, 2020

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets Aside from politics and virus concerns, attention will be on the US corporate earnings season. After major US banks reported their third-quarter earnings results, investors will eye Netflix reports among many o...

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COTD: Crude Oil – Subtle Hints At Accumulation
October 16, 2020

USOIL - 4HR USOIL - Perhaps overshadowed by gold's recent performance in the commodities space, crude oil prices seem to be floundering as global markets remain uncertain of the future of fossil fuels. At first glance, the four-hour chart ...

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COTD: USDCHF – Selling Into The Dollar Rallies
October 14, 2020

USDCHF - Hourly USDCHF- With the US Dollar Index trending lower combined with generalised political tensions worldwide, USDCHF appears to be selling on rallies and attracting much of the risk-off flow. October has seen a steady decline for...

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COTD: EURJPY – Loss Of Momentum Weighs Heavy
October 13, 2020

EURJPY - 4HR EURJPY- Renewed selling interest in the EURJPY pair looks as if it may continue to lower levels during the upcoming sessions as the previous bullish technicals begin to waver. The four-hour chart above shows a validated bullis...

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COTD: ASX200 – Can A Bullish Pattern Aid The Rebound?
October 13, 2020

ASX200 - Point & Figure ASX200 -   Talk of a potentially aggressive stimulus package has helped boost the ASX200 as it looks to extend its recovery from the March lows. Using the point and figure method, we'll be looking to highli...

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COTD: EBAY – Optimism Fades Eyeing 46.80 Support
October 7, 2020

EBAY - Point & Figure EBAY - Last week, we included AMZN as one of our Charts of The Day, looking at how this conglomerate has performed from a technical perspective. Today, we are heading back to the NASDAQ to check out eBay's stock pric...

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COTD: CADJPY – Can Anything Prevent A Stronger Yen?
October 6, 2020

CADJPY - Weekly CADJPY -   An exciting pair to keep tabs on at the moment is CADJPY due to the barrage of fundamental drivers. Short-term higher oil prices boost the Canadian Dollar while Coronavirus concerns push for a stronger Japan...

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COTD: GBPAUD – Pound Finding Bearish Territory
October 2, 2020

GBPAUD - Hourly GBPAUD -   We saw GBPAUD attempt a stronger recovery last month, but it appears the Pound may not have the resolve to push higher as we enter into October. In today's Chart of The Day, we examine the hourly chart using...

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COTD: AMZN – Can Amazon Continue To Ride Pandemic Waves?
September 30, 2020

AMZN - Daily (AMZN) -   As a retail conglomerate, it doesn't get much bigger than Amazon listed on the US Nasdaq exchange. Despite all the pandemic problems, AMZN found itself uniquely positioned to be one of the few compan...

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Should Current Market Volatility Merit a Review of how you are Trading?
March 13, 2020

  Volatility Revisited Volatility is a measure of the range of price movement over a defined period on a specific timeframe on which any calculation is performed. It may increase or decrease dependent on market conditions and aims to provide t...

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Top 5 Daily Habits of Experienced Traders
February 27, 2020

Success leaves clues, and over the years as an educator and coach, I can confidently say that there are several things that traders who achieve positive trading outcomes appear to do, that less successful traders are not doing. One of these is t...

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3 potential reasons why forward testing a new strategy is beneficial when amending trading plan
December 27, 2019

Warning: Turn your sensitivity meter down a little. This is a no sugar-coating, tell-it-how-it-is article (but rest assured it comes from a nurturing place). All over the globe, trading gurus attempt to sell their wares (software, the ‘holy grai...

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Trend retracement or reversal? – Can volume be a useful “clue”?
December 26, 2019

    Trading Volume: General principles Many experienced traders (even those using a simple system will incorporate volume as part of their entry (common) and/or exit (less common) system. It is essential (as with any indicator) th...

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Trading plan specifics – Articulating your trail stop strategy in your plan
December 23, 2019

  We have discussed many times the importance of unambiguous, and sufficiently specific statements within your trading plan in previous articles and at the weekly “Inner Circle” webinars (for more information see the Inner Circle in the n...

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