Trade from an informed place. We cover news, political events and market analysis plus product updates.


Trade from an informed place. We cover news, political events and market analysis plus product updates.

French Elections 2017: Trade with GO Markets

French elections 2017   With Brexit in full swing, Europe is getting ready for another political event and the people of France are going to decide on who will run their country next. There are four main candidates for the job – Benoit Hamon, Emmanuel Macron, Francois Fillon and Marine Le Pen. Each of the candidates has his/her own views of ...

March 17, 2017
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What You Need to Know About Brexit

Brexit 23rd June 2016 – the day the people of United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, it’s a day which will go down in the history and will always be remembered. The margin by which people voted to leave was not big (51.9% voted to leave, 48.1% voted to stay) but it will undoubtedly continue to have a big impact on the United Kingdom...

March 7, 2017
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How to get an edge in the Forex market?

People often ask me how they can get an edge over other traders in the currency market. My simple answer is this. Study financial market history and it will greatly enhance your profit opportunity because Forex markets will highly likely react the same way each time based on how they reacted last time. Human beings are what drive all financial mark...

September 28, 2016
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2 Things All Great Traders Have

One Emotional Discipline: This is the precise reason why not everyone can trade. Understanding the fundamentals of the market is not beyond you and learning a technical system that provides an edge in the market is certainly not hugely challenging. However learning the skill of emotional discipline is the greatest profit making skill great traders ...

September 20, 2016
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How Currency Markets React To The News

Every day currency markets are being bought and sold by institutions and banks and large speculators based on economic news announcements that are released.  But why do currencies react strongly to some news announcement and not to others?  Let me explain. Financial institutions, banks and large speculators often have access to a Bloomberg or Reu...

September 13, 2016
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Why you need to re-train your brain as a Forex Trader

Can you teach old dogs new tricks? Yes, of course you can if you give them treats and train them correctly through the new learning process. To teach an old dog new tricks the dog handler will be re-training the dog’s brain and so it is with human beings when it comes to currency trading. We need to re-train our brains to learn how to behave prop...

September 7, 2016
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Trading Success as a Forex trader is a bit like doing an apprenticeship

If you are willing to look at your Forex experience a bit like an apprentice completes an apprenticeship you are likely going to achieve a higher level of success. Why should opening a live account and making money in the financial markets be any different to any other career? You don’t get to build a house without the appropriate qualifications ...

August 30, 2016
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Why Thinking in 10’s could help you as a trader

  When you boil it all down trading is a game of numbers, the more numbers you make over time the more money you make however many traders don’t focus on the numbers game over time and instead focus their attention only on if they are winning or losing right now and it affects their ability to control their emotions. Here is a suggestion tha...

August 25, 2016
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Why is the Swiss Franc a safe haven currency?

The Swiss Franc for close to 100 years has acted as a safe haven currency in times of market uncertainty but many traders and investors have no idea why. So here is the answer. Switzerland is traditionally seen as a neutral country when it comes to global conflict. In fact the Catholic Church has for centuries entrusted Swiss National Guards to loo...

August 23, 2016
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The 200-Day Moving Average

One of the worlds most profitable Hedge Fund Managers Paul Tudor Jones called it in Tony Robbins Money Master Book "my #1 Trading indicator " and some of my colleagues in institutions and banks have referred to it as a key barometer for where substantial money flow often occurs. I am referring to the 200-Day Moving Average on a Daily chart and as...

August 17, 2016
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NAB tips two more RBA rate cuts

Upcoming News » 6:30pm Manufacturing Production – GBP Overnight we saw small drops on the DOW and S&P500, Gold settled around its lows still finding support around 1333.50. Oil rallied higher with hopes OPEC will stabilize supply. The USD was mixed as the AUDUSD tested highs. The USDJPY rallied by 37 pips to test short a term high of 102.55...

August 9, 2016
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Oil continued its rise

Upcoming News » 10:30pm Employment Change - CAD » 10:30pm Trade Balance - CAD » 10:30pm Unemployment Rate - CAD » 10:30pm Average Hourly Earnings - USD » 10:30pm Non-Farm Employment Change - USD  » 10:30pm Unemployment Rate - USD The BOE delivered on market expectations overnight with a rate cut to historic lows of .25%. Even though ...

August 5, 2016
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Eyes are on the BOE tonight for the rate decision

Upcoming News » 9:00pm BOE Inflation Report - GBP » 9:00pm MPC Official Bank Rate Votes - GBP » 9:00pm Monetary Policy Summary -  GBP » 9:00pm Official Bank Rate  - GBP » 9:30pm BOE Gov Carney Speaks - GBP » 10:30pm Unemployment Claims - USD » 11:30am RBA Monetary Policy Statement - AUD Eye’s are on the BOE tonight for the rate dec...

August 4, 2016
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RBA cut interest rates

Upcoming News » 6:30pm Construction PMI - GBP » No release time, GDT Price Index - NZD As expected the RBA cut interest rates by 25 basis points.  The AUDUSD dropped on the news but has retraced most of its drop. The AUDUSD lost 54 pips to .7488, buyers have come back in taking it back above .7500. The AUS200 lost ground after the disappointing...

August 2, 2016
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JPY sees a wild trading session

Upcoming News » 10:30pm GDP - CAD » 10:30pm Advance GDP - USD » Sat 6:00am EBA Bank Stress Test Results - EUR, USD, JPY   The JPY saw a wild trading session today as the BOJ boosts dollar lending and ETF purchases. Interest rates to be kept steady at this point. We found out on Wednesday the amount of the stimulus package. This weekend ...

July 29, 2016
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